#GPR1205 1/64 Kinze Model 3600 Twin-Line 16-Row Planter with Interplant


$ 125.00 

Stock #GPR1205 - die-cast metal frame with plastic seed boxes and rollers, rubber tires. Plastic hitch slides up and down on metal frame, 3½" long fold-down plastic marker arms. Entire planter pivots on center post - up for road transport and down for field work. Field mode: 5¾" L x  7½" W x 1" H. Road mode: 8½" L x 2" W x 2" H. Item has been displayed out of the box. Plastic on box has some yellowing from light exposure. Made in 2019 by SpecCast, new in the box, for ages 14 & up Vintage, older out of production toy. AS IS.

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