BK6430 1/64 Porta-Potty & Park Benches Building Set

Innovative Hobby

$ 11.95 

Stock #BK6430 - Photo Real 3D kit includes three 8.5" x 11" sheets of Flexstock (thicker stiff paper), 2 sign posts, 3 people figures and landscape moss. Sheets include  14 porta-potty (1.25"H) , 6 garbage cans (3/4"H), 4 1/87 dumpsters (1/2"H), 16 park benches and 2 porta-potty grass bases. Requires use of hobby knife, scissors, hot glue gun and model glue (white glue). Moderately difficult skill level, assembly instructions not available at this time. Made by Innovative Hobby Supply, for ages 14 & up. Note some items are closer to 1/87 scale. General assembly instructions.

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