#72102 1/20 Large Red Farm Barn with Angus & Accessories


$ 99.95 

Stock #72102 - set includes 21.25"L x 17.25"W x 13.5"H barn with multiple opening doors, cattle massager, movable ladder, working rope winch with grapple to raise hay to the loft, winch slides along track to move from one loft to the other.  Features two different styles of outside pens that attach to barn or stand alone. The two barn roof sections are removable and can stand alone as separate shelters. Barn is all plastic with snap-together construction.  Other accessories include: farmer with movable arms, Angus cow, Angus calf, water trough, calf bucket, wheelbarrow, lettuce, radish, hay bale, pitchfork and 2 hay piles with holes the pitchfork can fit into. Assembly required (about 20-30 min.) and includes manual with assembly instructions and suggestions for alternate play configurations. Made by Schleich, for ages 3 & up.

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