#6236 1/12 Cheryl White & Jetolara Horse & Book Set


$ 43.75 

Stock #6236 - America's first Black female Jockey. Cheryl’s real life broke barriers. On September 3, 1971, at Waterford Park in West Virginia, Cheryl galloped into history as the first Black female jockey to ever win a race, too. Astride her chestnut Thoroughbred Jetolara, bred and trained by her father Raymond, she demonstrated the skills and fortitude that would ultimately result in more than 750 wins over the course of her career.

The Jockey and Her Horse is a fictional novel inspired by the amazing true story of Cheryl White, who was only seventeen years old when she became the first Black female jockey in America. Set includes book, fully-posable 6"H figure of Cheryl, horse Jetolare, race saddle and bridle. Freedom Series size, made by Breyer, for ages 8 & up.

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