#60-1674 1/64 White & Blue Peterbilt Model 389 Tri-Axle Day Cab & ERMC 4-Axle Hydra-Steer Trailer with Bridge Beam Section Load

First Gear

$ 179.95 

Stock #60-1674 - die-cast metal cab with rubber tires, steerable front wheels. opening hood, cab roof beacon lights, headache rack with chains & hoses.  Die-cast ERMC (Elk River Machine Co.) trailer features front beam bunk cradle for fifth wheel plate, positionable 4-axle steering and rear bunk cradle. Comes with concrete beam section, spring/ratchets & chain, oversize load signs, flags, and electrical lines with safety lights. Made by DCP by First Gear, 22¼"L x 2½"H x 1 5/8"W, for ages 14 & up. Not designed or recommended for child's play.

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