#60-1279 1/64 White Kenworth T880 Quad-Axle with Rogue Dump Body & Rogue Transfer Tandem Axle Dump Trailer

First Gear

$ 133.50 

Stock #60-1279 - die-cast metal with rubber tires. opening hood with authentic engine detail, steerable front wheels, detailed cab interior. Tilting Rogue dump body with opening tailgate. Rear hitch for Rogue transfer dump trailer connection. Poseable dolly with drawbar. Rogue transfer dump bed slides from trailer and locks into the dump truck. Transfer dump bed includes opening tailgate. Made by DCP by First Gear, overall size 14.25"L x 2"H x 1 5/8"W, for ages 14 & up. Not designed or recommended for child's play.

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