#42659 1/20 Working in the Forest Playset


$ 33.95 

Stock #42659 - Farmer Paul has to chop wood before winter comes. He drives his ATV to the forest to cut trees. With the winch he pulls a tree trunk so he can cut it with his chainsaw. Once his logs are loaded he can go home to dump then next to his wood pile. The ATV features opening hood, roof and tailgate, with dump box that tips and working winch. The wood can be split with chainsaw. Accessories include poseable Paul farmer figure, Jack Russell Terrier, hedgehog, chain saw, hard hat, backpack, fuel canister, cross wrench, water bottle, chopping block and 6 chopped wood pieces. ATV (7½"L x 4"W x 4"H) is plastic with rubber tires. All other accessories are plastic. Made by Schleich, for ages 3 & up. Some assembly required.

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