#42606 1/20 Large Red Barn with Animals & Accessories


$ 95.00 

Stock #42606 - Farmer Paul always has his hands full. Every day brings new excitement (and lots of farm chores!) at the barn. Cows, pigs, cats and doves all need fresh feed. Can you help the him fetch hay from the hayloft?  Barn features opening doors, ladder and working winch to raise items to the loft. Includes Farmer Paul with movable arms and legs, cow, calf, pig, piglet, cat, dove and mouse. Comes with fences, wheelbarrow, assorted feeders and feed, sticker sheet and many other barn accessories. Assembly required, animal are made of hard rubber, barn and all other items are made of plastic. Made by Schleich, 19¼"W x 11½"H x 6¼"L, for ages 3 & up.

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