#42567 1/20 Horse Club Lakeside Riding Center


$ 99.00 

Stock #42567 - Wake up, sleepy head! While you've been snoozing in the loft, other equestrians at Lakeside Riding Center have been getting time in the saddle. Shimmy down the ladder and hurry to the stalls, where your horse is nibbling hay and waiting patiently.  Want to rearrange the horse boxes? Move the paddocks? Expand the riding center? It's all possible thanks to the modular design of this playset.  Add Horse Box extensions (sold separately) to expand the size of your stables. Comes with 2 fully poseable girl figures, 3 horses, cat, mouse and over 50 of fence, tack and feed accessories. Made by Schleich, stable is 28.5"L x 11.25"W x 10.25"H, for ages 5 & up

1x House, 3x horse stall, 1x wash station, 1x wooden horse, 2x cup, 2x plate, 1x sack of oats, 2x riding hat, 2x straw bale, 2x hay bale, 1x silage, 1x bucket, 2x comb, 2x apple, 2x carrot, 1x Cat, 1x Mouse, 3x Horse, 1x pitchfork, 1x broom, 2x saddle blanket, 2x sleeping bag, 2x cushion, 1x cowboy hat, 2x fully flexible figure

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