#42558 Antarctic Expedition Playset


$ 27.95 

Stock #42558 - Brrrr! It sure is chilly on the snow-covered ice sheet of Antarctica! Blankets and a warm cup of peppermint tea await you back at base camp, but for now, it's just you and the huskies and the frigid wind. Includes Ranger Tom (3.75"H) with movable arms and legs, 2 Husky dogs, Emperor penguin chick, dogsled with harness and igloo. Igloo, 8"L x 6.75"W x 3"H, opens and has a slide and seesaw for the penguin. Other accessories include suitcase, feeding bowl, bones, bandage, binoculars, balm and sticker sheet. Figures all made of hard rubber with plastic accessories. Made by Schleich, minor assembly required, for ages 3 & up.

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