#42535 1/20 Horse Adventures with Car & Trailer


$ 69.95 

Stock #42535 - The horse is settled comfortably in the trailer…the car is packed…let’s get on the road! Horse Club Hannah and her Holsteiner mare are ready for a riding adventure with dad. Girl Hannah and Dad figures are fully poseable.   SUV has four opening front doors and rear end gate, 10.75"L x 4"H x 4.5"W. Trailer, 10.75"L x 5.75"H x 5.25"W, has fold down ramp door and opening tack compartment doors. Tent folds up and can sit on SUV or trailer. Accessories include Holsteiner mare, saddle & bridle, horse blanket, sleeping bags, straw bales, hay net, ladder for connecting to tent, bucket, grooming box, massage brush & curry comb. All plastic, minor assembly required, made by Schleich, for ages 5 & up.

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