#42518 1/20 Horse Club Mia & Spotty Set


$ 14.25 $ 17.95

Stock #42518 - Mia is only eight years old but she's not afraid of horses. She’s determined to ride horses as big as the ones older sister Hannah rides. Although Mia and her three-year-old Shetland pony mare Spotty look very sweet together, they’re far more devious than appearances suggest. Set features girl figure with movable arms and hands that can hold the reins, Shetland Pony mare Spotty, plus removable rubber saddle and bridle, step stool, binoculars, mouse and loaf of bread. Girl and animals made of hard rubber, all other accessories are plactic Made by Schleich, 3.5"L x 4"H, for ages 5 & up.

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