#41464 Off-Road Vehicle with Dino Outpost


$ 52.50 

Stock #41464 - With the off-road vehicle, Luis can get to the outpost quickly and catch the giganotosaurus with the help of a big meat bait. In the event that he gets bogged in the swamp on his trip, he can use his toolbox to easily change the wheels or use the winch to pull the off-road vehicle out again. Set includes dino researcher Luis with movable arms & legs, giganotosaurus, fencing, meat and tool box with assorted tools.  The plastic off-road vehicle, 10.5"L x 5"H, has opening doors with removable rubber wheels, removable gas cap and gas cans for refueling plus working winch that is removable. Made by Schleich, for ages 4 & up.

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