#1884 1/9 Legend, Kentucky Horse Park Mounted Police Horse


$ 49.95 

Stock #1884 - When your duties include patrolling over 1,200 acres of the horse capital of the world, of course you do it from horseback! The Kentucky Horse Park’s Mounted Police team does everything from security checks and greeting the public, to writing citations and directing traffic – all from the saddle. Naturally, the officers need safe, level-headed mounts that are also great with people. Meet Legend, the KHP’s newest and youngest equine officer! He joined the team in 2021, and is partnered with Officer Rakow. Legend is a Drum Horse, with his lineage being a mix of Clydesdale, Shire, and Vanner horse. He gets his name from his medicine hat and shield markings, which according to Native American legend, offer protection – perfect for an equine officer! Traditional size, made by Breyer, 10"L x 9"H, for ages 8 & up.

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