#47347 1/16 John Deere Chevrolet Silverado & Flatbed Trailer Construction Set


$ 89.95 

Stock #47347 - All plastic set. Pickup, 16"L x 5"H, is steerable with opening tailgate, 5th wheel hitch, bumper hitch compatible with all Big Farm Series trailers and implements. John Deere skid steer, 8.5"L x 5"H, raises and dumps, features interchangeable bucket and pallet fork which can move the included pallet and cement blocks and construction barricades. Gooseneck trailer, 22"L x 5"H x 6"W, has fold-down loading ramps and 2 adjustable wheel chocks. Big Farm Series with working lights and sound on both vehicles, all plastic, made by TOMY, overall size 35"L x 7.5"H x 6"W, for ages 3 & up. Note: large package shipping applies.

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