#5812TA 1/16 John Deere General Purpose Wide-Tread Tractor, 1994 Two-Cylinder Club Participant Edition


$ 85.00 

Stock #5812TA - Participant Serial Numbered Edition 0069 of 2000. Tractor is numbered on bottom and comes with matching numbered box and replica brass tractor plate, features spoked front steel wheels. Special Edition celebrating the 65th Anniversary of the GP tractor. "Two-Cylinder Expo IV 1994" cast into side of tractor. All die-cast metal with steel wheels, plastic seat, steerable, hole-style hitch. Made in the U.S.A. in 1994 by Ertl, new in the box, 7½"L x 4½"H x 5½"W, for ages 8 & up. Older, out of production toy.

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