#4677 1/64 International 66 Series Collector Set #7


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Stock #4677 - commemorating the history of the International 66 series tractor this set includes 966 Open Station, 1066 with 2 Post ROPS, 1466 with Deluxe Cab and 1566 with 4 Post ROPS. Tractors are die-cast metal with plastic tires, 2.25"L x 1.75"H. Packaged in box featuring cover sheet with set on one side and complete series on reverse. Removable box top reveals plastic bubble cover and tractors on base. Made in 1993 by Ertl new in the box. plastic shrink wrap has never been removedOlder file photos show tractors out of the box for reference only. NOTE: older out of production item, AS IS. 

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