#42458 1/20 Horse Club Hanna's Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog


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Stock #42458 - There are two new horses temporarily staying at Lakeside! Hannah and her dog Ruby happily greet the mare and her foal. Set includes mare, foal, Ruby the dog, foal blanket, horse halter, dog house with removable roof (3.75"L x 3.75"W x 3.25"H), apples, feeding rack, dog bowl, dog kerchief collar, bone, box tree and 4 paddock fence (6.25"L x 2.75"H ea.) with opening entrance gate. Fencing is compatible with other Schleich Horse Club stables and fencing. Animal figures are made of hard rubber. All other accessories are plastic. Made by Schleich, for ages 4 & up.

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