#1849 1/9 Equidae - Rainbow Decorator Series


$ 59.95 

Stock #1849 - Equidae's splashy pinto coat is a colorful array of hues, which hold some unique surprises. Hidden within Equidae's markings are 12 horses – 6 on each side. Can you find them all? His left side holds a wild Mustang, noble Kladruber, proud Arabian, curly-eared Marwari, powerful Shire, and a spirited Saddlebred. His right side carries the distinguished Andalusian, swift Standardbred, cheerful Shetland Pony, hardy Mule, and a sweet Thoroughbred mare and foal.  Traditional size, made by Breyer, 13"L x 8.5"H, for ages 8 & up.

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