#13008SY 1/16 Allis-Chalmers D-17 Tractor Precision #6 - Bad Steering, Broken Light, AS IS


$ 48.00 

Stock #13008SY - AGCO Precision Series #6 high detail tractor. Die-cast metal with rubber tires, metal rims, steerable front wheels, movable hydraulic lift arms. Includes collector historical booklet. Front left headlight is broken off. Broken headlight is in box. The steering wheel does not turn the front wheels as it should. Seat top has been custom hand painted black. Hood caps and PTO shaft have been custom hand painted silver. Missing gold collector medallion. Box has wear marks and water damage, inner styrofoam is okay. Made in 1999 by Ertl, with box, 9"L x 4¼"H x 5¼"W, for ages 14 & up. NOTE: item is out of a private collection and has been displayed out of the box. AS IS.

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