#45629A 1/64 John Deere Waterloo Boy/4020/8400R 100 Years John Deere Tractors Collector Edition


$ 59.95 

Stock #45629A - 2018 marked 100 years of John Deere Tractors. To commemorate the event, a special series of limited edition toy tractors were produced with a special silver and black paint scheme plus special "John Deere Tractors at 100 - 1 of 5000" decaling. Set includes Waterloo Boy with plastic "steel" wheels, 4020 with duals and 8400R with front duals and rear triples. All are die-cast metal and plastic with rubber tires. Made in 2018 by Ertl, new in the box, 1 of 5000 made, for ages 14 & up.

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