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Price List

1/16 AGCO  (AC, MF,
MM, Oliver)
1/16 Big Bud 4WD
1/16 Case-IH, Farmall
1/16 Caterpillar
1/16 John Deere
1/16 New Holland/Ford

1/16 Misc. Farm Tractor
1/16 Misc. Implements
1/16 Big Farm Series
1/16 Bruder Farm Toys
1/16 Bworld People,
  Buildings & Access.
1/16 Misc. Farm Access.
1/16 Farm Animals
Metal Fence & Access.
1/18 Cattle & Access.
1/16 One of a Kind
Older & Custom Toys
1/16 Salvage Yard
1/16 Farm Parts

1/16 Bruder Construction
1/16 Case Construction
1/16 John Deere Const.
1/16 New Holland Const.

1/32 AGCO & Misc.
1/32 Misc. Implements
1/32 Case-IH
1/32 Steiger 4WDs
1/32 Cat Ag
1/32 John Deere
1/32 New Holland & Ford
1/32 Versatile 4WD
1/32 One of a Kind
  Older & Custom Toys
1/32 Salvage Yard
1/32 Wood Barns
1/32 Animals & Sets
Metal Fence & Access.
1/32 ATVs & Campers
1/32 Pickups & Trailers
1/32 Vintage Vehicles
1/32 Trucks & Semis

1/43 Farm Tractors
1/43 Cars & Pickups 
1/43 Trucks & Semis
1/43 One of a Kind
1/50 Trucks & Semis

1/50 Construction

1/64 Misc. Farm Toys
1/64 AGCO Tractors
1/64 Big Bud & Misc 4WD
1/64 Versatile Tractors
1/64 Case-IH
1/64 Caterpillar
1/64 John Deere
1/64 New Holland/Ford
1/64 Customized Toys
1/64 Custom Accessories
1/64 Farm Accessories
1/64 Grain Bin Kits
1/64 Buildings & Animals
1/64 Landscape Access.
1/64 One of a Kind
    Out of Production Toys
1/64 Salvage Yard
1/64 Cars & Pickups
1/64 Pickup Accessories
1/64 Semi Trucks
1/64 One of a Kind Trucks
1/64 Johnny Lightning
1/64 Greenlight Vehicles
1/64 M2 Cars & Trucks

1/87 Animals
1/87 Farm Toys
1/87 Construction
1/87 Trucks & Semis

1/87 One of a Kinds

1/32 & 1/25 Cat
1/50 Caterpillar
1/64 Caterpillar
1/87 Caterpillar

Misc. Industrial
Tonka Vintage Series
Bobcat Equipment
AGCO Industrial
Bruder Construction
Case Industrial
International Ind.
John Deere Industrial
Komatsu Equipment
New Holland Industrial

Out of Production

1/16 Pickups & Trucks
1/18 Cars & Pickups
1/25 Semi Trucks
1/25 Cars & Pickups
1/32 Pickups & Trailers
1/32 Semi Trucks
1/50 Trucks & Semis
1/43 Cars & Pickups
1/43 Semis & Trucks

Planes & Helicopters

1/87 Animals
1/64 Buildings & Animals
1/64 Landscape Access.
1/32 Wood Barns
1/32 Animals & Sets
1/16 Bworld People,
   Buildings & Access.
1/16 Misc. Farm Access.
1/16 Farm Animals
Metal Fence & Access.
1/18 Animals & Access.
1/20 Big Country Toys
   Fence, Feed Access.

Farm Animals
   Farm Figures
   Mini Animals
   Barnyard Buddies
   Incredible Creatures

Near life size animals


   Farm Yard Animals
   Pigs, Sheep & Goats
   Beef & Dairy Cattle
   Horses & Ponies
   People & Access.
   Barns, Stables, Fence
   Vehicles & Trailers
   Cats & Dogs
   Misc. Pets

North American
   African & Asian
   Wildlife Access.

Sale Specials
Traditional Horses
Traditional Tack, Etc.
Traditional Barns
Classics & Access.
Mini Whinnies

Play Rugs
Barnyard Buddies
Tractor Building Blocks
Board Games
Floor Puzzles
Tractor Mac Series
JD Gear Force Series
John Deere Preschool
Tolo Preschool Animals
Wooden Building Sets
Wood Vehicles & Sets
Preschool Ride-On Toys
Outdoor Toys
Tonka Vehicles
JD & Case-IH Pillows

Board Games
Key Chain Toys
1/6 Pedal Toys
Novelty Items
Tin Signs
Mini Radio Flyer

1/16 Salvage Yard
1/16 Farm Parts
1/32 Salvage Yard
1/64 Salvage Yard
1/64 Parts & Kits
Misc. Salvage Yard


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A word about Scales...

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The size of most farm and construction toys are a mere fraction of the size of the original piece of equipment.  This relative size is referred to as the "scale" of the toy.  Because it is a fraction, the larger the bottom number, the smaller the toy.  Most of the "sandbox" toys we grew up with are 1/16 scale and have long been a favorite in the United States.  In Europe however, 1/32 scale toys are by far the most popular.  Half the size of 1/32 is 1/64 scale, which became popular years ago with the introduction of "matchbox" toys.  In recent years giant 1/8 scale tractors and implements have been introduced and is gaining popularity.   Model railroading has also influenced the farm toy market with a demand for 1/87 (HO scale) trucks, tractors and implements.  Another railroading scale is 1/48 (O scale) which closely approximates 1/43 scale farm equipment and accessories.


The major Brands...


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Many of the farm toys that are currently available are produced by three Iowa companies.  The granddaddy of them all is Learning Curve (formerly Racing Champions/Ertl), which was founded in Dyersville, Iowa and has grown to be the predominant source for farm toys.

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The two other Dyersville, Iowa companies are SpecCast, and Scale ModelsSpecCast caters to toy collectors with limited edition replicas, collector banks and airplanes.  Scale Models has generated a lot of interest with their 1/8 scale tractors, new productions of "vintage" pedal tractors, and 4 wheel drive tractors.




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